Education Bachelor of Architecture
Kansas State University, 2007
Strengths Responsibility, Learner, Restorative, Input, and Arranger
Vanessa’s goal is finding the aesthetic appeal in function. Seeing a design through all the details to create a wholistic and cohesive experience. She recognizes that sometimes the best details are the ones you don’t notice. Vanessa is always eager to learn and explore new ideas and face new challenges.

She has experience working in a variety of markets throughout the country on schools, healthcare facilities and zoos. Listening to the needs of the individual project, she’s learned to respond with the design that achieves the client’s goals.

Vanessa loves to travel, there is no place she wouldn’t go. When she’s not busy working on her 100-year-old home, you will likely find her attending or volunteering at community and alumni events.

MANTRA: “Always be learning, exploring and experimenting.”