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We Take a Different Approach

Wouldn’t it be nice to have confidence that your project will be done on time, on budget, and in a way that furthers your vision? We strive to give you that confidence… how?


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do here at Shelden Architecture.

Here are some key principles that drive our collaborations:

  • You and your project are the hub of the collaboration with the rest of the team rounding out the wheel.
  • Early on in the planning process, we assemble a team that includes a contractor and other consultants which allows us to troubleshoot problems that might arise during construction. The result is a well-designed, well-run project that meets your objectives. The whole team helps you as you establish your priorities whether your “hot buttons” are schedule, energy efficiency, public image, flow and functionality, or any of a hundred others.
  • We can deliver projects using the more traditional “Draw, Bid, Build” approach in which a contractor is selected late in the process after most of the big decisions have been made. But we believe the team approach builds the best solutions. Why? Because we understand that there is much to know about what we do and that no one is capable of being an expert of it all.
  • We partner with collaborators who seek first to understand the whole and are willing to consider different approaches.
  • Time spent on the front end of the process will pay dividends down the road for your schedule, your budget, and the overall quality of your project. Through collaborative planning in the initial phase of the project we can provide better cost control, reduce and almost eliminate change orders, create better quality control, and make the entire process more understandable because of open communication.


Some of our work

Why Choose Us?

Distinctive Architecture

Commercial Design

We create distinctive architecture for Education, Healthcare, Office/Banking, Retail/Hospitality, Worship, and more.

Land Planning

We design and advise on Land Planning: site selection, individual lot layouts, and multi-acre developments in urban and suburban areas.

Interior Design

We enhance your ability to do business through thoughtful space planning, lighting and material selection, and furniture design/specification. We understand today’s trends while planning for tomorrow.

Architectural Visualization

Whether it calls for hand sketches and markers or elaborate 3D computer models, renderings and animated videos… we do that and more.

Graphic Design

We design building signage, way-finding signage, monument signage, company logos, marketing/fundraising materials, and more.

Residential Design

We can design your ultimate dream home.

Whether you have extensive experience with design and construction or are new to both, it can be helpful to ask yourself a few questions before starting any building project.

You do not need firm or complete answers at this point. Rather, these questions will help to ensure that your initial communications will be clear and productive and enable you to move forward in a way that best suits your needs.

  • How will your project be used: Do you have specific ideas on how to translate these activities into spaces and square footage?
  • Do you have a site? Or will this also be a subject of discussion with our team?
  • Have you decided upon a schedule and budget?
  • Do you have a builder or General Contractor in mind for the project? And how soon do we involve them in the process?
  • What are your overall aspirations for the project – aesthetic and emotional as well as practical?
  • Who will be making the critical decisions – you alone, business partners or stakeholders, or a broader committee of some sort?
  • Where will the resources come from to create and operate your project?
  • Do you have a banker and financing in place to move forward?
  • Are you willing to pay a little extra up front on systems that will bring operational savings and payback over time? Or another way to ask this question might be: How important are “green” technologies and strategies to you?
  • Do you have previous experience with design and construction? If so, in what ways were you successful, and was the experience in any way disappointing?

Our team will listen closely to your answers, help you solidify your goals and desires, and translate them into an effective building.

We understand that any building project can be overwhelming, and that you will have questions and concerns about the process; in fact you should. We are available and anxious to answer any questions you may have.

Shelden Architecture exists because beauty matters. It matters in the spaces that surround us. It matters in the structures we create, interact with and inhabit. And this group of skilled artisans exist to give these spaces and structures beautiful, meaningful form. We cannot imagine doing anything else.

We believe ours is a service-driven profession in which we play an interpretive role, listening to our client’s needs, hopes and dreams, being inspired by them. Along with a selected builder (General Contractor) we translate, as design partners, our clients’ words to meet their architectural objectives.

Because of this, we commit ourselves to a set of values that benefit our clients and reminds each of us the pursue excellence:

  • Make the Client’s project our project.
    • Understand the Client’s intent.
    • Respect the Client’s budget.
    • Honor the Client’s trust.
    • Dream the Client’s dream.
  • Do work we all can be proud of.
  • Accept our responsibility to the Client, the Company and the Community.

We Celebrated 20 Years in 2022

Last year we celebrated our 20th year and reflected on the hundreds of spaces we’ve designed and collaborations we’ve had with our clients.

Stan and Aaron’s values for their companies and clients reflect who they are as people and business owners. Fidelity has a mission to see local businesses RISE by giving them the space and resources needed to thrive in our downtown. Stan and Shelden Architecture are proud to partner with Fidelity in a mission that aligns with our own goals and hopes for our city!