EducationBachelor of Science
University of Central Oklahoma, 1985
StrengthsInput, Learner, Intellection, Analytical, and Connectedness
Scott sees challenges as opportunities. Working with architectural design software and the people who use it provides many opportunities. He has provided support for design professionals at the extremes of an international architectural engineering firm with hundreds of people to a two person architectural firm. He enjoys finding solutions for his coworkers and for our clients.

After work Scott enjoys time with his wife, Charlotte, and their four children, even though it seems like they are never at home. The kids’ activities keep things pretty busy with homeschooling, part time jobs, sports, and youth groups. Scott and Charlotte are very involved in their church. Two of their sons are Eagle scouts and now the whole family is involved in growing Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls in South Central Kansas.

MANTRA: “Have fun. Do your best. Walk worthy.”