EducationMaster of Architecture
Kansas State University, 2009
StrengthsResponsibility, Belief, Communication, Developer, and Individualization

For Daniel Gensch, there is a purpose for everything and everyone. He believes that we are not merely products of our environment and therefore strives to positively influence his clients, coworkers, and community. His motivation is to unlock potential, lead by example, and never stop learning.

Daniel’s diverse experience ranges from years of International Master Planning for large-scale complex projects to highly detailed aspects of architectural design. His goals are to naturally discover design, be relational, and exceed clients’ expectations. As Executive Vice President at Shelden Architecture, he focuses on management efficiencies and client business development and leads projects as a Project Manager.

Daniel is reminded each day that our greatest influence on the world rests directly in our relationships at home. “If I by God’s grace can be successful with the responsibilities I have at home, then I am exceedingly more equipped to fulfill my role in the firm.”

Mantra: “In everything, strive for excellence above perfection.”