Daniel has a strong conviction that architecture is a gateway to give back to his community, asserting that placing a priority on the community and its surrounding area helps lead to healthy design decisions. Combining the knowledge he’s attained in architecture with his strong background in biology has equipped him with fundamental insight into the natural environment that surrounds us.

As a team leader for the Studio 804 project at KU, Daniel was fully immersed in the comprehensive project that takes the team’s design through the completed construction. His role included everything from creating concept renderings and code review, to designing and installing HVAC, drywall, roofing and carpeting. After this kind of experience, he can design and build your entire project, although he might prefer stick to the design aspects only—ask him how it feels to hammer a thumb!

When Daniel has free time, you’ll usually find him with his family or outdoors—as a varsity tennis player on his high school team, he can still serve an ace or two! Of course, these days you’re just as likely to find him kayaking on the river or hitching the side of one of the Rocky Mountains in Breckenridge.